Explaining Gun Safety to Kids

Understanding Gun Safety

Having a conversation with kids about firearms can be difficult, but it is an important step in ensuring they act responsibly when confronted with a gun. Project ChildSafe has developed a suite of resources and tools to help guide parents in having these conversations.


“Just because kids aren’t asking about gun safety, doesn’t mean they don’t have questions. As a parent, if you have guns at home, it’s vital that you have a conversation with your kids about gun safety.”

Julie Golob
U.S. Army Veteran, Shooting Sports Champion, Hunter, Mom

Resources for Talking About Firearm Safety with Kids

Downloadable Resources for Talking About Firearm Safety with Kids

PCS Child’s Pledge

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Talking Gun Safety with your Kids

Children and teenagers may be naturally curious about guns, and tempted to go looking for a firearm in your home. Julie Golob is a U.S. Army veteran, shooting sports champion and mom who has partnered with Project ChildSafe to help parents navigate the important conversation around firearm safety. Here’s Julie’s advice on how to approach these conversations with kids of all ages.

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Protect the People you Love

Project ChildSafe partnered with the Bureau of Justice Assistance to develop a PSA illustrating the importance of having the firearm safety conversation with kids.

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