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Project ChildSafe is the nation’s most comprehensive firearm safety and education program—created by gun owners, for gun owners.

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Our toolkits help supporters, law enforcement officers, non-profit advocacy groups, safety instructors, trainers, range owners and health professionals spread awareness of Project ChildSafe’s purpose and share the necessary resources to assist others eager to learn more about gun safety.

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Secure gun storage can prevent access by children, theft or unauthorized use by a person who may pose a danger to themselves or others.

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A Teen’s Suicide Prevention Story

Hear the real-life story of a teenager who took all the right steps, including using a Project ChildSafe gun lock, to prevent his girlfriend from attempting suicide. Knowing the warning signs of suicide and limiting access to lethal means, including firearms, for at-risk teens can help save lives. Project ChildSafe has resources designed specifically for teens to help them identify suicide risk factors, take steps to start a conversation and get support from trusted adults who can help.

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I know from raising my own family that just because kids aren’t asking about gun safety, doesn’t mean they don’t have questions. As a parent, if you have guns at home, it’s vital that you have a conversation with your kids about gun safety. Even if you don’t have guns, the conversation is still important.

U.S. Army Veteran, Shooting Sports Champion, Hunter, Mom