Who We Are

Project ChildSafe is the largest and most comprehensive firearm safety education program in the US. Launched in 1999, it is the official firearm safety program of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the trade association for the firearm industry, with the goal to provide a real firearm safety solution for every community.

Project ChildSafe offers free educational resources to demonstrate the importance of firearm safety and to encourage the promotion and the practice of responsible firearm ownership. Project ChildSafe has also worked with thousands of law enforcement agencies across the nation and in the five US territories to provide free firearm safety kits, which include a cable-style gun lock. To date more than 40 million of these locks have been distributed, in addition to the more than 70 million free gun locks manufacturers have distributed with their products over the past 25 years.

Who We Serve

Project ChildSafe works with law enforcement agencies around the country to provide free firearm safety kits that include a cable-style gun lock and educational resources to help families, neighborhoods and communities store firearms safely and securely. Beyond our partnerships with law enforcement, we also work with ranges, retailers, instructors, churches, community organizations, health care facilities and individual gun owners across the country to help prevent firearm accidents, thefts and misuse including suicide.

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Be Part of the Solution

There are several ways you can support Project ChildSafe and share gun safety information in your community.



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