Protecting Your Firearms from Theft: Essential Tips for Gun Owners

By: Shanea Daniels
Director of Chapters and Membership
National African American Gun Association (NAAGA)

Each year, an estimated 200,000 firearms are stolen in the United States. For many of us who purchase firearms to safeguard our homes and families, the idea of our weapons falling into the wrong hands is alarming. While responsible gun owners often consider child safety, less thought is given to preventing theft, especially in everyday scenarios like visiting restricted locations or hosting guests.

Preventing guns from being stolen helps prevent crime in your community, as research shows the majority of guns used in crimes were previously stolen.  You can take direct steps to help make your home, family and community safer with this guide to protecting your firearms from theft and ensuring they always remain secure.

  1. First and foremost, avoid storing your firearm in a vehicle’s glove box or center console. These areas are not secure — many can be unlocked with a universal key or even a simple screwdriver.
  2. Although new firearms often come with cable locks, which certainly help prevent the gun from being used — especially by a young child — these are insufficient for preventing theft. Fortunately, various affordable and effective options are available, catering to all budgets and needs.
  3. For versatile protection, consider these strategies:
    • Portable, Locked Cases: These are perfect for traveling and are often TSA-approved. They provide secure storage while allowing for mobility. Some models can be affixed to the frame of a car seat with a steel cable or bolted to home wall studs.
    • Locking Floating Shelves: These shelves blend seamlessly into home decor while offering quick access to firearms in high-traffic areas.
    • Furniture with Secret Compartments: Ideal for bedrooms, these pieces offer hidden locked storage that can be easily accessed in an emergency, especially with added lighting for nighttime use. Just note that a hidden gun is not secure gun, especially with children in the home – they like to explore, and will find the firearm.
    • Vehicle Console Safes: Customizable and secure, these safes lock with either a key or fingerprint, providing security for firearms in your car.
    • Heavy, Stand-Alone Safes: These safes are difficult to move and can store multiple firearms and ammunition, offering top-notch security within your home.

Firearm safety and personal protection should go hand-in-hand. New and experienced gun owners should take a close look at Project ChildSafe’s new “Gun Storage Check Module” for additional strategies and ideas for secure storage.  From there, research various options online, visit local gun shops and choose the options that best fit your lifestyle. By protecting your firearms effectively, you ensure they continue to protect you and your loved ones. Remember, securing your firearms is not just about safety—it’s about responsibility. Protect what protects you!

Shanea Daniels is the Director of Chapters and Membership for the National African American Gun Association (NAAGA) and serves as the Project Manager for the 2024 National Convention. Shortly after joining NAAGA, both Shanea and her husband became certified firearm instructors. To date, they have successfully trained over 200 families in gun safety. Originally from Philadelphia, PA, Shanea is deeply rooted in her roles as a wife, daughter, sister, mother of two and 2A (Second Amendment) advocate. She is an avid sports fan, cheering passionately for the Philadelphia Eagles.