MILES HALLMiles Hall is a familiar face in Oklahoma City and a lifelong firearms safety advocate. He’s recognized for his appearance in several local Oklahoma City public service announcements (PSAs) that underscore the importance of secure firearms storage, and has never been one to shy away from important conversations about personal responsibility in relation to firearms ownership.

Firearms have been a part of Hall’s life for as long as he can remember. Being a former indoor gun range owner, business consultant, husband and father, he keeps firearms safety top-of-mind and incorporates it into his everyday life where he serves as an example to friends, colleagues and, most importantly, to children.

“A gun is a tool,” says Hall. “Kids need to learn how to respect it and, with supervision, to use it properly – education is always important.”

Hall taught his own children how to shoot, with the intent to demystify them, replacing fear with respect and curiosity with competency. He also shares Project ChildSafe’s ethos of “Own It? Respect It. Secure It.” This emphasis proved effective time and time again. In one instance, his young son found an unsecured firearm at a friend’s house and immediately ran home to tell Hall, lessening the likelihood of a firearms-related accident.

Hall has been involved with Project ChildSafe in Oklahoma City since the initial launch of the gun safety program in January 2017, and has been an active advocate of Project ChildSafe for many years prior. As the former owner of one of the top gun ranges in the country, Hall and his wife Jayne have actively distributed firearms safety locks and recruited local supporters in the area. In 2018, Hall also partnered with the local law enforcement and distributed over 200 locks. He even played a key role in getting local retailers and schools involved in distributing firearm safety materials in Oklahoma City.

Project ChildSafe is proud to recognize Hall as its S.A.F.E. Summer Champion in Oklahoma City for his lifelong efforts in raising awareness and promoting firearms safety and education. Supporters like Hall, nationwide, help to ensure that gun owners securely store their firearms when not in use.

Hall feels the impact of his efforts each time he doesn’t read a headline about a firearms-related accident. “I’ve had people tell me that they saw the firearms safety PSA and that it helped save the life of their friend or family member,” said Hall.

We are pleased to shine a light on Hall’s important work through the sixth annual S.A.F.E. Summer campaign. “S.A.F.E.” serves as an acronym for Store your firearms responsibly when not in use; Always practice firearms safety; Focus on your responsibilities as a firearms owner; and Education is key to preventing accidents. The effort is focused on providing resources to help gun owners take actions and share information that will help keep their families and communities safer.

For other gun safety materials and tips, please visit our resource library and review Project ChildSafe’s 10 Tips for Firearms Safety.

You can also find a gun safety kit in your area through our law enforcement partner list.