It’s National Gun Storage Check Week – Make Sure It’s Secure!

This week, NSSF launched the first nationwide Gun Storage Check Week to encourage all gun owners to check their firearm storage practices and, if necessary, make changes to prevent unwanted access. Throughout the week-long campaign, Project ChildSafe joined NSSF and other safety partners across the country to remind gun owners and their families to “Make Sure It’s Secure,” including:

Secure firearm storage is the most effective way to help prevent firearm accidents, suicides and theft. Storage options are available at every budget level, including cable locks, lock boxes and full-size safes, to ensure firearms are securely stored when not in use. When circumstances warrant it, temporary offsite storage can be a solution, but remember to follow applicable firearm transfer laws.

We’re calling on all Project ChildSafe supporters to join us this Gun Storage Check Week – here’s a few ways you can help promote secure firearm storage within your communities:

  • Visit the Gun Storage Check Week site and complete Project ChildSafe’s new module on firearm storage solutions that best fit your needs and lifestyle
  • Explore the Gun Storage Check Week promotional toolkit, which includes:
    • Downloadable social media graphics and digital ads
    • Downloadable logos and infographics to add to your organization’s website
    • Audio public service announcements
    • Printable posters to display in your business
  • Enter for a chance to win one of 25 FREE lock boxes provided in partnership with ShotLock at 
  • Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and X to reshare our social media content throughout the week.
    • Consider taking some photos that include Project ChildSafe materials/gun locks and send them to to be shared on Project ChildSafe’s social media accounts.
    • Post your own photos on social media and tag Project ChildSafe with the campaign hashtags (#GunStorageCheckWeek #GSCW) to be featured on our page.
  • Remind your friends and family to review their secure storage practices to ensure they are doing their part to prevent unwanted access to their firearms. Check out these resources:

We can all do our part to help prevent firearm accidents, suicides and thefts. As support for Gun Storage Check Week continues to grow, so does our ability to reach more people with this vital safety messaging.

To quote NSSF’s President and CEO, Joe Bartozzi: “No one wants their gun in the hands of an unsupervised child, a person in crisis, an individual who lacks knowledge of firearms or a thief. If something bad happens because your gun isn’t stored securely, you’ll regret it, probably forever.”

Keep an eye out for the launch of a second Gun Storage Check Week observance coming September 1-7 to coincide with National Suicide Prevention Month.