June 1-7 is National Gun Storage Check Week — a time for all gun owners to check their firearm storage practices and, if necessary, take action to MAKE SURE IT’S SECURE.
Millions of gun owners store their firearms securely and responsibly. However, at the same time, accidents, suicides and thefts continue to occur because of unsecured firearms. Such sad outcomes can be prevented when gun owners take steps to “Make Sure It’s Secure™” by storing their firearms securely when not in use.

Gun Storage Check Week is a national campaign launched by NSSF, The Firearm Industry Trade Association, to encourage firearm owners to check their firearm storage practices to help prevent unwanted access. The goal of Gun Storage Week is to remind gun owners to review their firearm storage practices and improve them if necessary.

Explore Project ChildSafe’s interactive module designed to educate gun owners on the different types of storage options available, and help you determine which secure storage device/s can meet the needs of your household. Encourage your friends and loved ones to complete the online storage check module and share on social channels.