Project ChildSafe invites gun owners, members of local law enforcement agencies and gun safety advocates to help spread awareness of safe gun storage and handling.

There are simple precautions every gun owner can take to make sure his or her firearms don’t pose a danger to children or the community. Show your support for diligent and safe gun handling and storage practices — take the Own it? Respect it. Secure it. pledge.

You have powerful voice to promote firearm safety and help save lives within your community. Help educate others about the importance of gun safety, while showing your support for Project ChildSafe, by incorporating the Own it? Respect it. Secure it. badge onto your website or social media profiles.

It’s important that children become familiar with the rules of firearm safety.

How proficient are you when it comes to firearm safety? Take this quiz to find out

Safe firearm storage saves lives. Donate to Project ChildSafe, Inc. today to help us promote firearm safety across the U.S. and distribute firearm safety kits, which include a gun lock. The more people we reach, the more accidents we can help prevent.

Is your organization interested in helping promote safe firearms handling and storage education? Join Project ChildSafe as a supporter today!