National Shooting Sports Foundation Partners with Doug Koenig, Top Competition Shooter

NEWTOWN, Conn. – Project ChildSafe, the nation’s largest and most comprehensive firearm safety education program, is partnering with Doug Koenig, world champion action pistol shooter, to help raise awareness about firearms safety among gun owners nationwide.

Project ChildSafe, developed by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) and funded by a $50 million U.S. Department of Justice grant, will visit thousands of communities and distribute 20 million free firearm safety kits that include a gun locking device and key safety messages. The program supports a mobile safety tour of 15 vehicles that will visit all 50 states to distribute the firearm safety kits.

An eight-time winner of the Masters International Shooting Championship, Doug Koenig shoots more than 50,000 rounds a year in practice and competition. He has never had a firearm-related accident. “Doug has two children and his dedication to safe firearms ownership enables him to speak passionately about Project ChildSafe’s accident-prevention messages,” said Bill Brassard, Jr., NSSF managing director, communications, safety and education.

As a national spokesperson for Project ChildSafe, Koenig will produce public service announcements emphasizing the importance of safe handling and proper storage of firearms, and being a responsible firearms owner, especially around children. Koenig will also attend Project ChildSafe events to promote these efforts.

“As an avid sports shooter, outdoorsman and father, I feel that I am a natural fit for Project ChildSafe. I regard firearm safety as a top priority and always secure my firearms when not in use. It is because of this that I have never had a single firearm accident,” said Koenig.

Project ChildSafe will work with governors, lieutenant governors, U.S. Attorneys, mayors and local law enforcement to promote the distribution of free firearm safety kits and the program’s key safety messages. For information about Project ChildSafe, firearm safety and state safety tours, visit

About NSSF: The National Shooting Sports Foundation, with over 2,500 firearm industry members, was founded in 1961. The NSSF manages a variety of outreach programs with special emphasis on firearms safety.

About Project Safe Neighborhoods: Project ChildSafe is a component of President Bush’s Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) initiative to reduce gun-related crime and violence in America. PSN is administered by the U.S. Department of Justice. For more information go to

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