PCS Partner Profile: Timothy B. Howard

Name: Sheriff Timothy B. Howard

Department: Erie County Sheriff’s Office

How does your agency distribute Project ChildSafe gun locks and safety materials in your community?   

We distribute gun locks in concert with county-wide events, such as the Erie County Fair, which garners a tremendous response. Additionally, through child/family safety events hosted by our agency and smaller community programs and events, as well as raffle baskets that we donate to for local charitable causes and benefits.

Sportsman’s Warehouse Ladies Night

Last Thursday, Sportsman’s Warehouse in partnership with Project ChildSafe hosted its annual ‘Ladies Night’ event in more than 70 cities across the country. Working with local law enforcement partners, Project ChildSafe was on hand to provide gun safety educational materials and gun locks to attendees. We are grateful to all of the partners who spent their evenings helping to spread the word about gun safety and the “Own it? Respect it.

Thank you for your support in 2015! Project ChildSafe Annual Review

Our 2015 Annual Review is out! Last year was very successful for Project ChildSafe thanks to our community. We gave away more than 300,000 safety kits, expanded our reach to nearly 23,000 individual and organizational supporters, drove awareness to the program through a series of events, media stories and campaigns and created new tools to help spread the firearm safety message.

Hunt S.A.F.E. with Project ChildSafe this fall!

Hunting season is here. As you know, hunting is a tradition that is often passed down from generation to generation. Another important tradition among hunters is practicing safety in the field and when transporting and storing firearms—something Project ChildSafe reminds hunters about with its Hunt S.A.F.E. campaign so that hunts are made safe, fun and memorable.  

Here are a few ways you can help spread the Hunt S.A.F.E. message this season: